Yoga on the Deck .

Yoga on the Deck .

Long Point Yoga @ SeymourAn hour of yoga on the 1st Sunday morning of each month held outdoors on the deck or under the shady trees.“Surya Namaskar" (Salute to the Sun) will be part of this session, a modified practice for beginners will be offered too.Energise the body and mind to start your week during summer. The session will be followed by a Chai Tea, with an option of a walking meditation on the beach, and a catch up with fellow students.Please bring your own mat, blanket & supports (hat, water, sunscreen, swimming gear).

    While we will make every effort to accomodate everyone including those who book and those who drop-in on the day, because of COVID-19 we may need to limit class sizes.  Priority will be given to students who have booked and paid online. Thank you for your patience and understanding if we have to turn you away on the day; if you have paid online and are turned away you will not be out of pocket; we will refund you or give you credit for another class. Namaste!


    We understand that  life can get in the way sometimes. We also don't want you to feel any pressure to attend if you have even the slightest cold, cough or sniffle. 

    While we can't refund you if you've paid for a class in advance and then can't show up, we will happily give you credit against a future class if you let us know before the class starts that you can't make it.  

    If you can't make a class you have already booked, please text 0448-884-357 or email so that we can offer your space to someone else.