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Sunrise Yoga - Slow Flow style. 

Bicheno class

 BICHENO - December - no classes Sunday 29thDec.- Christmas/New Year break

LPY will be back Sunday 5th January 2020

Sunday morning 

8.00am - 9.15am

Sunday evening

6.00pm - 7.00pm

I will  introducing Surya Namaskara -"Salute to the Sun-" to bring balance & strength into all aspects of self..

This class  is suitable for all levels of experience. 

Gentle movement to stretch and activate the body, breath awareness & relaxation, to soothe & calm all aspects of self. $15 per session. Casual attendance is welcome.


----FALMOUTH ----SLOW FLOW YOGA _ December - no class on Monday 30th, Christmas/New Year break

LPY will be back Monday 6th January

each Monday 9am- 10.15am


at the Falmouth Community Centre.

This session is nurturing and balancing for all levels of experience, whether you are learning about yoga, or a more experienced practitioner. Movement, breath awareness and relaxation combined, underpin this class Students are encouraged to make the session relevant to their own particular needs, which may change each week.

COLES BAY - December - no class on Monday 30th December- Christmas/New Year break. LPY will be back Monday 6th Jan, 2020.


Monday evening 6.00pm - 7.15pm.


at the Coles Bay Hall annex on Harold St.


This session will help balance and nurture all aspects of self, and is for all levels of experience,whether a new student or a regular practitioner. Movement, breath awareness & relaxation underpin this class. 

Yoga Nidra-half hour guided meditation -a deeply relaxing 


Sunday 5pm - 5.30pm $10/session

at the Bicheno Hall/Annex.

***watch FB & website for upcoming pop up Yoga Nidra sessions on Thursday afternoon/evening Bicheno or Long Point Yoga at Seymour***

Regular Yoga Nidra practice has many cumulative effects and benefits, including release of tension within the body, lowering of blood pressure, bringing a sense of calm & balance into daily life. Regular practice can assist with insomnia, creating better sleep patterns, balancing the nervous system, and creating a sense of well-being in daily life.


NO SESSIONS TILL MID FEB after summer break.


Each MONDAY a Yoga for Kids session is held at the Art Space behind the gym. 

3pm - 3.45pm.

This is an interactive session with mindful movement, stillness and fun.

Term 4 Yoga for Kids restarts Monday October 28th. 


Please contact Kerryn for more details -  ph 0448884357. A gold coin donation, money collected will be forwarded to a charity chosen by the children, at the end of the year.

Interactive yoga with a touch of relaxation suitable for ages 5 upwards. Helping children develop body movement awareness, and using the breath to relax and release tension. Mats provided. This program will help children discover a sense of stillness within, and the tools to access this when needed.


'Sunrise Yoga'

 Bicheno NO session Sunday 29th Decemeber Christmas/New Year break

Sunday morning 8am-9.15am  $15

Held at the Bicheno Hall annex, or if the weather is suitable, outside in the Lions Park.

Movement, breath awareness & relaxation underpin this morning class - beginning the new week feeling balanced and grounded, after stretching & strengthening the body in a nurturing way.

Surya Namaskar - 'Salute to the Sun' will be part of this session. Energising the body during spring.

This session will conclude with Yoga Nidra, a deep relaxation practice.

Suitable for all levels of experience.


All mats, blankets and supports are provided.

Private Yoga and Meditation Classes

LPY o offers private yoga classes, available on request,  ... Do you have a specific yoga practice or interest which you would like to explore?

Are you visiting the beautiful East Coast, and would like to experience a yoga session at your local accomodation or Airbnb?

Please call on 0448-884-357 for more information or fill out the Contact Us form.