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"Homespun Yoga" in the time of Covid-19 restrictions.

It's been a long time since I was able to share both Yoga and Yoga Nidra sessions out and about in my local community of Bicheno, Falmouth & Coles Bay, here on the east coast of Tasmania.

I decided transfer delivery of classes to social media platform via FaceBook, and while I am inexperienced in this way of sharing yoga, 'giving it a go', stepping way out of my comfort zone, was the driving force propelling me forward.

Each week from early April, I offered two sessions of Yoga Nidra, and slowly worked up to Move & Release sessions. Initially, these offerings were to keep students connected to regular yoga practices & help maintain balance in mind and body in a very testing and worrying time, as Covid-19 restrictions came into place.

Now, many months later, and after a few recording hiccups & mini disasters, with plenty of learning I should add, the plan moving forward is to get more organised (and professional) in the delivery of Homespun Yoga.

While hopefully I can become a mobile yoga teacher again, the venues where I teach are still currently closed, and the reality of being an online yoga & meditation teacher is the new option for me moving forward.

Over August/September/October I will be working on offering recordings of a variety of yoga practices from my Long Point Yoga website.

  • Movement (asana practices)

*Pranayama ( breath awareness practices)


  • Yoga Nidra ( guided meditation for deep relaxation)

Please feel free to explore my website to see what's available, contact me with any questions you may have.

Remember, everybody can practice yoga, regardless of age, physical capacity etc, if you can breathe, discovering the benefits of yoga is open to you.

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You’re website and online classes are very good. I admire the way you have adapted to the online environment and look forward to seeing you develop further.

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